Ads Leaderboard
YouTube @CES 2015

Concepting, UX | UI
Project Overview
YouTube has become a narrative, viral marketing platform for global brands. Youtube wanted a fun and interactive way to showcase the most popular ads and flaunt the power of it's marketing data analytics platform to help supplant itself as a leader in the marketing space at CES. Campaigns like Hunger Games viral ads,  Always Play like a Girl and Beats by Dre were heavily rotated.

I was the sole interaction designer on the project and worked with a team of engineers and 3D designers to build out a touch screen experience at the Mandarin Tea Lounge at CES 2015.
My Contributions
Mood boards and ideation
Pitch decks
Multi-screen UX 
Screen visual design

I worked with 3D artists to render the sculpture in space, and worked with a team of specialized engineers to build the technology.

The Experience
The user approaches the podium to scroll through all of the most popular campaigns from 2015.

When the user selects a campaign from the scroll, it opens up on the touch screen to show all of the data associated with the campaign, and on the wall in front of the podium all of the videos within the specific campaign start to play, allowing the user to see the entire story of an ad campaign at a glance.