Data Visualization
YouTube @SXSW 2015

Concepting, UX | UI
Project Overview
YouTube needed an impressive art installation to help debut Data Insights; a new geolocation-based tool that empowers musicians to schedule tours, release dates, etc around the desires of their fans. We designed a twelve-foot structure that held 43 video screens along with a custom multi-screen interface to showcase this never-before-seen data. Partygoers were immersed in data-rich stories of YouTube's most famous artists.
My Contributions
Mood boards and ideation
Pitch decks
Multi-screen UX 
Screen visual design

I worked with 3D artists to render the sculpture in space, and worked with a team of specialized engineers to build the technology.

The Stats
43 screens
50 Artists
200 Cities Data Featured
108 Unique Artist Videos
2,000+ Data insights
2.5 Terabytes of Data

The Experience  
All partygoers had to walk through the interactive tunnel before exiting into the concert venue.

A map clustered with popular artists around key regions throbbed and called for you to interact with it.

As soon a user selected an artist bubble, a menu flew out onto the side of the screen, displaying a timeline with a narrative about their rise to popularity onYouTube, along with other elements to engage with like similar artists.

In the screens surrounding the user, that artists videos would start playing.